Fix error “ refused to connect” in Power BI dataflows

Today I could not edit any dataflows for a client and was constantly getting “… refused to connect”:

powerquery refused to connect

… refused to connect


Twitterverse to the rescue

After a couple of unsuccessful trials I went to the twitterverse to ask around if anyone else was experiencing the same (thinking that there was an issue with the service in general). Thankfully Dan Szepesi had the fix to my problem, which was actually a bug. His solution was to replace the “www”-part of the URL by “app”. This is his description:

When browsing and trying to edit workflows, if the URL in your browser (host header) is, you will get an error when editing dataflows. This will fail in IE, Edge, Chrome and FireFox.

Content Security Policy is applied to the page and is NOT in the frame-ancestors response field for pages that can embed

Manually change URL in browser to

Add https://*.powerbi./com or to the frame-ancestors list server side.”

I was prompted to sign in again, but then I was finally able to edit my customer’s dataflow. Big thanks to Dan and the Power BI community on Twitter for that!

Technical background

Dan also provided some additional information about this bug, that I’m posting here as it is (it is well above my head 😉 ):

“When you select ‘Edit Dataflow’, it makes a call to The page will embed what comes back into the main frame of the page.

In the response headers to this GET is the following:

Breaking out the Frame-Ancestors part: frame-ancestors ‘self’

NOTICE: is not in the frame-ancestors list so the browser will not allow that page to be embedded.”

Hope you found this post soon enough.

Enjoy and stay queryious 😉

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