Learning resources

Collection of links that should help you learn and master the wonderful MS Power BI tools. There’s much more very useful information out there, but you should be able to find it through references from theses resources.

1) M as a language

Chris Webb’s M-Webinar This is the best intro to M as a language at the moment. Recommending it as the first hour to invest in your Power Query & M-skills.
Ben Gribaudo’s series Systematic intro of M as a language
Introduction to Power Query (informally known as “M”) Formula Language Quick intro, but watch out: Strangely hidden. You can reach the content via the left navigation pane only!
Introduction to Power Query M Code Brief introduction into the M-language in Power Query
Video about M language concept Lean back and enjoy the M(agic)
Formula Language Specification Techie-hardcore: Describes the structure of the language. Quickly flip through for the first time to get an orientation. Read again after you’ve practiced for some time, with any luck it will start to speak to you 🙂
Formula Reference Bookmark this: All functions with their specs.
And actively use this!: Read the specs, copy the example codes, paste it into the formula bar or advanced editor and study the results.
M-Code Editor How to create WordPad ++ editor for M, also includes a very useful function on how to extract additional metadata for #shared-function-list.

2) Books

Power Query, Get Data, Get and Transform & M: M is for Data Monkey, Power Query for Power BI and Excel

Power Pivot & DAX: Learn to write Dax, Power Pivot and Power BI, The Definite Guide to DAX

Power BI: Introducing Power BIAnalyzing data with Power BI…

3) Online

From Microsoft: PowerBI, Power Query

RADACAD: From Rookie to Rockstar

Power Query Training: Magic Tricks for Data Wizards

Twitter: #PowerBI, #PowerQuery, #PowerPivot

4) Forums

 Power BI  Official Power BI Forum
 TechNet Power Query  Official Power Query Forum
 TechNet Power Pivot  Official Power Pivot Forum
 MrExcel PowerBI  Power Pivot and Power Query
 Stackoverflow  Not much traffic, but some very high quality M-code solutions
 XLGuru (Ken Puls)  New forum dedicated to Power Query

5) Blogs

M-Focus DAX-Focus
 Chris Webb Matt Allington
 Ken Puls Rob Collie
 Gil Raviv Marco Russo & Alberto Ferrari
 Ivan Bond Scott Senkeresty
 Maxim Zelensky
 Miguel Escobar