Power BI Cleaner now fully covers Calculation Groups

Edit: I am retiring support for this tool for now, as you can find an alternative here: Measure Killer | Brunner BI.
Please feel free to use this tool as it is, but I am not fixing any bugs or provide further help for it. Power BI Cleaner is now published with ‘Power BI Sidetools’ by Didier Terrien: https://github.com/didierterrien/Power-BI-Sidetools/releases Didier may provide help in some cases. Please post issues here:  https://github.com/didierterrien/Power-BI-Sidetools/issues

Edit 27th June 2021: There is a complete new version of this tool that has all the bugfixes and enhancements here: https://wp.me/p6lgsG-2pi

You can now download a new version of my Power BI Cleaner tool that finally covers usage of DAX expressions in Calculation Groups as well. For an introduction into this tool and further limitations, please check out this post. There is also a nice article from Matt Allington covering some additional aspects.

Calculation Group coverage

Until today, you would only see which calculation group has been used in your report, but not which DAX expression (measure or column) has been used to create it. But with the new version (V11) you will not run into the risk anymore to delete a measure for example, that has been used to create a calculation group. Their usage will be covered under the category “measures and columns”.

In the file attached, you can see that the column “Net Price” has been used in “MeasuresAndColumns”:

When you drill through “Where Used Indirect” you can identify the usage in the calculation group:

As mentioned above, this article is outdated, so please use the version from the latest blog here: Power BI Cleaner Gen2 now covers Analysis Services Models as well (thebiccountant.com)

Enjoy & stay queryious 😉

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  1. With the increasing use of a golden dataset & live connected separate reports, how would you recommend using this tool to get the really useful info on report measures, filters, visuals and conditional formatting? These elements that are in the report-only pbix.


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