How to cancel your Power Query refreshes fast in Power BI and Excel

If you’re working with large data or complex queries that take a long time refresh, cancelling one of those refreshes can even take longer time, especially, if the query has run for quite some time already.

Luckily, there is an easy trick to cancel refresh without loosing the work you’ve done already:


  1. Open the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del -> select Task Manager or rightclick the NavBar )
  2. Select (one of) the “Microsoft Mashup Evaluation Containers” with a high CPU-usage (below the main process!)

    Cancel refresh by ending a Container-task

  3. Right-click mouse and choose “End task”.
  4. A pop-up-message like this will appear – just click cancel (and don’t click “Report this issue” !!):

    Cancel refresh, but don’t report an issue

  5. Another scary message might appear as well – just click close:
  6. There might also be a message that other refreshes are currently running and if you want to cancel them as well – choose cancel.

That’s all: All the changes you’ve made in the query editor and forgot to save before refreshing will be kept and you can continue your work from here.

Enjoy & stay queryious 😉

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  2. Silly little post. But findable via searching. This little tip just saved my a$$ and saved a ton of rework. THANK YOU!

    Also to the future reader: I had to repeatedly end task on several of the Mashup Container items. Protip: don’t end the other ones! I’ve broken it doing that, but following these steps I got whatever was hanging to complete and voila everything is working again.


  3. I do not have any Mashup Container items…Just Console Window Host/Microsoft Edge WebView2/Untitled – Power BI Desktop/Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services


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