RegEx in Power BI and Power Query in Excel with Java Script

From time to time Huang Caiguang sends me some geeky M-code that turns out to be very useful (like this for example). Today it’s utilizing java script code for RegEx (regular expressions): The Web.Page function can execute JS code and you can pass strings from you M-environment to it with simple string concatenation. So escape the js-code and use the ampersand (“&”) to reference the string. As a function it looks like so:

var x=”&x&”;var y=new RegExp(‘”&y&”‘,’g’);var b=x.match(y);document.write(b);
in fx(“””hello012中国1235″””,”\\d+”)

This code extracts all decimals (“\\d+”) from the string provided as the first argument and concatenates them with a comma. But just try for yourself by pasting the code into the advanced editor.

This doesn’t work in PowerBI service, so if you need it there, you can switch to an R-script that can be used with a personal gateway. But for Excel users, this is the way to go.

Please vote for a native implementation in M here:

Enjoy and stay queryious 😉

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  1. Too complicated =)
    fx=(s, reg)=>Web.Page(“document.write(‘”&s&”‘.match(/”&reg&”/));”),
    tbl = fx(“qwer1234asdf”,”\d+”),
    result = tbl{0}[Data]{0}[Children]{1}[Children]{0}[Text]


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