Custom Connector to import Google Sheets with OAuth2 authentication in PowerBI

Recently I came across the need to connect to Google Sheets with a secure authentication process quite often, so I will share with you how and to what extend I got the custom connector working that I found here. It uses OAuth2 authentication, so you can share your workbook with selected colleagues and they will be prompted to enter their credentials in Power BI if they try to access these files.

Edit: As it turns out, the credentials work for all Google accounts. So you can download my .mez  and simply paste it into your Custom Connectors-path without touching Visual studio ( create path: [My Documents]\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors ). I believe this will work for the 1st 100 users and then you have to create you own. But if you want to use it in production, I’d strongly recommend to create your own anyway (otherwise continue with section “Use Google Sheets Data Connector in Power BI Desktop”) :

Setup Google API

Go to the Google Developer API and if you don’t have a project yet, just create one:

Go to “Credentials” -> Create credentials and choose “OAuth client ID”:

Choose “Web application”, adjust the “Name” if you like and paste the redirect-url into “Authorized redirect URLs”:

This will return the client ID and secret for your connector:


Adjust the connector in Visual Studio

Next clone the project and open in Visual Studio:

“PQGoogleSpreadsheet.pq” is the file you need to edit:

The documentation says “To make it run add client_id.txt and client_secret.txt containing your Google API client credentials”, but I didn’t find out where to store these file to make it work, so I replaced the green strings with the hardcoded Google OAuth values:

It would be nice being able to treat these strings as variables, so that one could use one connector for content from different users: So if you know how to get this working, please give a shout.

Then build the project and move the .mez-file from the bin-folder of your project to your custom connector folder ( its “C:\Users\imkef\Documents\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors” in my case).

Use Google Sheets Data Connector in Power BI Desktop

Close PBID and re-open so you will see the new connectors in your data sources:


Authentication in PBID

Enter the URL for your file into the next dialogue:

and this warning will show:

Click “Edit Credentials” and this dialogue will pop up:

Check “Sign in” and a Google authentication window will appear:

Enter credentials and the data of the sheet will appear in a clean format.

If data connectors are new to you, check out this article to get you started.

Enjoy & stay queryious 🙂

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