Visualize query dependencies in Power BI with Sankey diagram

Edit 7th August 2016: You’ll find an easier “OneInAll”-approach in the PowerBI forum here. Thanks to David Moss for reporting an issue with the solution below.

PBI-file with new query:,

How to use:

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This week we got a new Sankey diagram. It has some advantages when visualizing dependencies between items/nodes, one being not to cut the labels. Time to share a tool that I use a lot when working with complex M-queries (in Power Query or Power BI). It shows how the queries are connected with each other:


Sankey diagram default

Left stand the queries who fetch the source data, parameters and/or user defined filters, then you see how they get transformed until to the right you see the queries that deliver your end-results. Especially when working with codes that has been written by someone else I find it very useful to get a quick oversight of what’s happening – as an excellent complement to the documentations 🙂

You can also move the nodes around to improve readability:


Sankey diagram with adjusted nodes

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